You still don’t feel ready for that conversation, you’d like to avoid

  • you get nervous when you need to negotiate,
  • you worry for days before you tell your client or colleague you disagree
  • strong emotions are overwhelming you
  • you are postponing your work and the conversation.



You don’t need to go through this alone!

Tiptoeing around those conversations are

  • sucking your energy, creating stress and sleepless nights,
  • preventing you to use your time effectively,
  • keeping you stuck and dis-empowered, 
  • stopping you from making money,
  • taking the joy out of your work,
  • cutting down your productivity and revenue.


You can change that if you have a group that supports you!

Join Cool Conversation Club where you will:

  • get heard about your delicate and unique situation
  • get loving support and guidance from Simona Frumen and the group as you prepare for the conversation and when you analyse the lessons learnt
  • get a safe space to practice the skills, strategies and attitude that will help you be more comfortable during your important conversations 
  • get a chance to choose an accountability buddy to help you stay on track with your preparation,
  • get a whole group of likeminded people to cheer you up, to celebrate with you, to help you see the lessons from your situation and so much more


 Stand up for yourself, confidently negotiate and lead your important conversations wisely

 so you can prevent escalation of small disagreements into costly and painful conflicts.

How Do We Do It?

Step 1

Step 1

click here to join us in the Cool Conversations Club

Step 2

Step 2

you get trained - each month one topic, practice, feedback, encouragement

Step 3

Step 3

get ready and have your conversations in practice and have us all support you as you get more comfortable

Step 4

Step 4

enjoy your important conversations


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