Doctors & Healthcare Consultants

De-stress working place by improving communication 

Excellent communication in  medical centres 

is essential if you want to

  • improve the quality of healthcare services, patient safety and enhancing the patient experience
  • cut down time and costs of conflicts as result of poor communication 
  • enable space for professional growth 
  • improve healthcare team satisfaction

    Most organizations deal with conflict through avoidance, power plays, resorting to higher authorities

    Less commonly medical staff and hospital administration approach challenging situations with open conversations.

    Learn how to have conversations that result in collaboration.


    Like my other clients, you too can learn how to have tactful conversations about delicate issues with the caregiving team, hospital administration and patients. You will take your power back, build trust and focus on your work. 

    Some numbers

    When health care team members do not communicate effectively, patient care often suffers.

    Further, medical error vulnerability is increased when healthcare team members are under stress, are in high-task situations, and when they are not communicating clearly or effectively.


    of the malpractice claims were initiated as a result of a physician-patient relationship problem



    • of all information given to patients only 25% is understood correctly 25% 25%

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