Did you notice those problems in your workplace?

  • a lot of talking but no real resolutions to move the team forward
  • employees rejecting changes
  • everyone has their own idea on where and how to make the progress, but as they don’t agree they stay stuck
  • increased tension among people in the team and organisation
  • this group of people are not acting as one

Those fruitless conversations are

  • costing you a lot of time yet without effect
  • employees burn out, don’t feel heard or appreciated
  • best employees leave 
  • the organisation faces high costs for resolving conflicts, hiring new people who will fall into the gray communication culture.

You can change that

  • a group of facilitators can bring out the best ideas from people in the room, write them down so you can take it further in the most fruitful way

The benefits of our facilitation

The employer

  • gets a structured and actionable change proposal, co-created by those who know the issues
  • recognise and harvest the wisdom and rich experience
  • motivate your employees to participate and co-create a plan for change
  • inspire employees to implement those changes 


The employees:

  • get an experience to be heard and valued
  • have the chance to connect with values, products, services and project of their employee so they become an important part of it
  • they get inspired to participate in changes they helped co-create


How Do We Do It?

Step 1

Step 1

contact me to discuss what results you want

Step 2

Step 2

we gather a group of expert facilitators

Step 3

Step 3

we prepare the venue, lead the facilitation process and prepare a report

Step 4

Step 4

you move with your motivated group towards changes


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