Family Owned Business

Sometimes the toughest conversations take place with your loved ones

Your Story

Your family business has always been part of your life, like a child that belongs to the whole family. So many family members each with your different interest is the breeding ground to get hurt and bitter. Nobody can focus on the business when irritated by a family member. Stress is in the air and you are all part of it. If you leave those things unsolved, you might end up in a conflict which can ruin the business and the family.

You deserve better than that!

Like my other clients, you too can have those important conversations with other family members. You will address and resolve the things that were left unsaid, hanging in the air like a sword above you. Things will become clear and predictable. Everybody will be relieved. The work will get done. The family gatherings will become pleasant again

Some numbers

Unresolved family business WILL seep over into your family life. There will be resentment, there will be coldness at the holidays and there will be “issues” that you can do without – you’ve got your own family to care for, as well as a family business. 

You can stop losing hours of productivity and profit when you start working with me, Simona Frumen.  When the issues around your conflict have been resolved you’ll find your workplace is a business you’ll love being involved with again.


People who've experienced conflict at work that's escalated.


People who say that conflict can take days to dispel

  • Stress caused by conflict 43% 43%
  • Drop in motivation / commitment 39% 39%
  • suffer with sickness, absence, productivity issues 35% 35%

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