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It’s okay to have a side when you understand that we’re all in the same boat. The problems occur when you want to land on a desert island and someone else on the boat wants to throw your supplies overboard… I’ll be the captain of your ship and steer you into safe waters. Here you’ll make a plan on what to do next. You will love how you can have your side but still reach your destinations and see a few new ports along the way.

What are Cool Conversations?
Cool conversations are conversations that are powerful, yet without the burning heat. There’s still passion and enthusiasm. But no one gets burnt or hurt.
How it all connects
I work with people and help them improve their relationships. Often when I work with people on a personal level, they invite me in to work with their company on a professional level. They value relationships (just like I do) and this means they get a workforce that starts to value relationships… Employees feel the connection to the organisation – they feel they belong. They start to engage with the company again and live it’s Brand Values. This flows throughout the business and enhances the relationships between teams, customers and everyone the business touches.  The organisational culture changes – for the better. If this sound like what you need in your company please scroll to the bottom of the page and get in touch. Please note this is the ultimate in “work with me” packages and is by application only.
Is mediation expensive?
Given that it costs more to acquire a customer than to keep one, then you’ll love how mediation is an investment in your business growth.
Maintaining and strengthening relationships – by building bridges – is perfect.
Why Bridges?
Bridges enable communication to flow back and forth. They can be fast or slow, they can be made of any kind of material but most importantly they enable people to cross to the other side and see the world from a new angle
Is there anyone mediation doesn't work for?
Over the years there are types of client that I prefer to work with:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Directors & Senior Management
  • Start-up entrepreneurs & Founders

I love working one to one and whether it’s mediation or training you in the art of cool conversations, either way, I’ve found it to be the most satisfying job on the planet.

Companies: Who pays for the mediation?

In company issues: Mediation usually comes through the HR budget. However, most departments in a company have a training budget and they’re happy to invest some of this in the mediation and follow-up coaching packages because they recognise that having a team member with excellent negotiation skills is someone they will appreciate in their team

Companies: Who pays for the mediation?

Issues between two same-sized companies: Mediation is split between the two organisations. This is fair for both of them and it paves the way for a more fruitful relationship in the future. 

If it’s a large organisation and a smaller company / entrepreneur then often the bigger company meets the investment of mediation. They understand that this can be an unfair burden on the small company or individual and are willing to extend this as a gesture of goodwill.

Divorce: Who pays for the mediation?

The mediation is usually divided between members of the family. So if we’re helping a couple then they share the cost. They do this happily because it significantly reduces the legal bills. Many couples like that they don’t pay their lawyers so much thanks to mediation. 


Inheritance: Who pays for the mediation?

In sticky inheritance situations, the mediation is split between all parties involved.  Many of these negotiations can be fraught and emotional so a package is recommended to help family members get through the negotiation without a lifetime of simmering resentment following…


Business is personal...

Whether you’re getting a divorce or leading a team, you have one burning question – how do I make this work not just for me but for everyone? How can this be fair to me as well as the other party?

Where there are emotions

there’s pain.

Sometimes it runs deep and scars. Sometimes it shows in tears. Sometimes it shows as anger.

When facing such emotions it can be overwhelming and intense


One size Does not fit all

Each scenario is different. Which is why a self help book will only take you so far. When you work with me you get a bespoke solution to managing your hurt, your pains and you’ll get the fairness that you want. You won’t feel like you’ve won the war but lost the battle. You want everyone to win. I’ll help you with this.
How to book our service?
Let’s Talk! 

Before you book me I’d love to talk to you and get to the heart of what’s holding you back. We’ll speak for 20 minutes and then I’ll send you the booking links.

How soon can you start?


We select a mutually convenient day and then the mediation will take place. 

How long does mediation last?

You’re in complete control

 There’s no rushing, no forcing, no aggressiveness. Most situations are resolved within one working day. We work on a single problem at a time and find a win-win solution. Sometimes we unravel the Gordian Knot and resolve all the issues in a single day. When we speak, I’ll be able to give you a time frame that suits you. 

Companies: What do I need to book?

Online Packages

 When it comes to online mediation you will invest in a one-day package. This covers your preparation and follow-up. Whilst the mediation itself can last three hours, I don’t abandon you and leave you feeling lost and wondering what happens next. When you work with me you’ll know the before, the during and after and you’ll feel safe throughout. Post mediation you’ll learn the skills that prevent this from happening again. You’re empowered to have conversations that work for you.  

Families: What do I need to book?

Face to Face and Virtual Packages

A day of mediation. A day to debrief and then a digest day along with a follow-up. Whilst the mediation itself can last a single day, I don’t abandon you and leave you feeling lost and wondering what happens next. When you work with me you’ll know the before, the during and after and you’ll feel safe throughout. 

What happens after mediation?

Ongoing coaching

After mediation, many of my clients book to work with me one to one. They recognise that if they don’t enhance their skills they will be back feeling frustrated and trying to avoid arguing and the fights. They don’t want to be in the same situation again so they work on their skills with me to see that they can have fair, fruitful and meaningful conversations all the time. Because winning for my clients is not feeling the hurt and pain of being emotionally trampled upon.   

Account Info

How do you protect my privacy?
We’re GDPR compliant. This means your account is safe and secure. Please check out our privacy policy here
I can't get into my account?
If you cannot access your account please reset your password. If this fails, on the reset password page you will see a button for support. Click this.
Who can use my account?
Your account is for your personal use only. Please do not share your login.
How are my payment details stored?
Are my payment details stored in my account? No. Your payments are taken via PAyPal or Stripe and they’re not held on this site. You have complete access at all times.

Billing & Payment

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All payments are due upon invoice
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We don’t give discounts because we price our services fairly to start with.
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On very rare occasions clients have been late with a payment. This means they’ve contacted us in advance to let us know. They let us know when they will have funds to clear and have kept to this date. This happens rarely because our clients value what we do, and the value that we bring to their business. They want to keep us for future work, and they don’t like bills outstanding.
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Any other questions?



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