Leaders, Executives & Managers

Sometimes the hardest conversations take place with your supporters

You always knew you will be a leader and here you are.

You’ve got trained, you’ve climbed up the ladder, you’ve paid the price to get to your position.

Although you’re at the top of the hill, your team and relationships at work are spoiling you the joy you dreamed about. Each member of your team is pulling in their own direction, ignoring your expectations and not delivering the results. You are not appreciated as a leader and are stressed 24/7.



You can do better than that!



Like my other clients, you too can

take your power back and become the respected Leader.

You will lead those conversations so everyone will recognise the true leader in you.

You will finally be heard and appreciated.

You will unite the group into a team.

You will synchronise them so they will act as one.

You will motivate them so they will be proud to give their best.

As a result, you will enjoy your leadership and have more time for your hobbies, your family or yourself.

Some numbers

A business with 100 employees spends an average downtime of 17 hours a week clarifying communications, translating to an annual cost of $528,443. (2014 Siemens Enterprise Communications)

Unresolved tensions can cost an organisation their profits. Don’t let your company be that company. Book a call with Simona Frumen.


People who've experienced conflict at work that's escalated.


People who say that conflict can take days to dispel

  • Stress caused by conflict 43% 43%
  • Drop in motivation / commitment 39% 39%
  • suffer with sickness, absence, productivity issues 35% 35%

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