Occasionally we all need to talk about UNCOMFORTABLE issues where the stakes are high. 

Some people spill out everything at once, others rather avoid the conversation altogether. 

And some prefer to take a deep breath, chose the best time and best approach and talk OPENLY about the issue to resolve it and work better together from now on.

And that’s YOU.


You want personalised approach with private, 1:1 coaching. Because your time is precious and you want quick results, transformation and lasting effect.


Your team wants to overcome communication challenges together, practising cool conversations in a safe environment so they can finish their projects successfully.


You want to train your people in a small interactive workshop, using your cases, unifying the culture of cool conversations in your organization that will make your collaboration a success. 


You want to learn how to have cool conversations when you want and as fast as you want. Choose your courses  and go through the video, play-sheets, checklists and other material as many times as you need to own this new communication style that will help you collaborate better with your team.


Your audience wants to learn about cool conversations and I’ll show them how to make it happen.


You want the group of versatile employees to unite their best practices, co-create the vision of your organization or form of a doable project action plan. They will get a powerful experience of being included in such important process, they will feel valued for their contribution and will get inspired to take action towards the change they co-created.


You need a neutral mediator to help you in the heated or conflicting situation, so all parties can be heard, find a fair resolution to the issue and move on with your business.


You want an ongoing support to help you become comfortable with your challenging conversations. You want monthly online bite sized trainings, personal encouragement and group coaching as you put things in practice. 


You want to quickly get the results and change the communication culture in your organisation. You get to choose and combine the services that best suit you, your team and your business to reach the collaborative culture in your business.


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