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Occasionally we all need to talk about UNCOMFORTABLE issues where the stakes are high. Some people spill out everything they think of in the heat of the moment, others rather avoid the conversation altogether. And some prefer to talk OPENLY about the issue.

There is a small group of those who are not settling for anything less then WIN WIN conversations.

And that’s YOU.

Because anything less than that will not fully serve you AND your relationship.



  • you notice the atmosphere in your company is getting sour (’the vibe is not right’)
  • many pointless conversations are costing you money and work is not done on time
  • you want people to effectively talk about the right issues and move on together as a motivated team, generating the results
  • you are determined to bring in the collaborative culture, where your team has a new kind of conversations

you are ready to invite a skilled trainer to get your team trained


  • you discuss things but without results
  • you notice a growing tension towards that person who is making collaboration difficult
  • you want to have ’that’ conversation without hurting anyone so you can together quickly reach results in your project
  • you wish an experienced coach would safely guide you through those particular conversations and teach you as you go along how to consciously apply that method

you are ready to get comfortable leading any challenging conversation on your own


  • tension in your business relationship is so big you can’t calmly talk with each other
  • trust is low, emotions are strong, you are both stuck
  • you want to discuss this touchy issue confidentially and respectfully
  • you wish to save what can be saved so the further collaboration or the parting process will be easier for both, saving you precious time, money and reputation

you are ready to invite an experienced neutral mediator to lead those difficult conversations for you, helping you all find a unique resolution that feels fair to all involved


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