Start Ups

A hotbed of innovation but the home of workplace conflict

Your Story

You’re a startup. You dreamed to bring this amazing idea to life. You wanted to work with the like-minded and highly creative team. You have worked hard to get this opportunity and you’re now ready to prove the investors you’ll make it work.

You now have a group of individualistic geeks who don’t act as a team. They don’t (want to) understand your vision, you’re struggling to lead them and you are running out of time. Money is getting tight and the project is not moving forward as planned. Everybody is nervous. Nobody is focusing on the work.


You deserve better than that!

Like my other clients, you too can have conversations with your team. You can take your power back and become the Wise Modern Leader. When you discuss relevant issues with them you will build trust and they will follow your guidance and act as one. You will all be heard, appreciated and respected. The team will be motivated to do the work. The project will be delivered as planned. You will finally relax and enjoy the take-off. Working will become fun just like when you dreamed about it.

Some numbers

You’ve poured everything into your start up. You don’t want to fail due to “team issues” that are unresolved. You don’t want to watch things get ugly with your investors because your team thought different things and the conflict couldn’t be resolved. 

You don’t want your start up to be another regret. Life is too short for those. Book a call in with Simona Frumen. 


Starts ups that fail due to conflict


Start ups that fail because of the wrong team

  • Stress caused by conflict 43%
  • Drop in motivation / commitment 39%
  • suffer with sickness, absence, productivity issues 35%

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