Virtual Assistants

You work hard because time is money. 

You are a VA

You set up your business from home, you wanted to work around your family. You dreamed about being your own boss. You have worked hard to get qualifications and experience so your clients would appreciate you and your work.

Yet you now have clients that are pushing you around, you’re struggling to present them with the contracts, they’re walking all over you and treating you like a doormat.

All this is driving you crazy, stressing you out. You’ve got clients running your business because you can’t have the right conversations with them



You deserve better than that!

Like my other clients, you too can

take your power back and become the boss of your business.

No more playing small. You will learn how to be equal in those conversations without hurting anyone’s feelings and still get what you want. 

You will be heard, appreciated and respected by your clients.

You will easily set clear boundaries and have more time for your family (and for you as well).

You will finally start enjoying your business and making more money.

Did you know?

Each year you lose nearly £ 3,000 of unpaid hours if you don’t negotiate with your clients to sign your contracts or if you can’t talk openly with them to respect your contracts.


Getting ready 

How to Get Your Contract Signed Despite Hearing a NO

How to Get Your Contract Signed Despite Hearing a NO

You’ve just hung up the phone and you feel the stone just whacked you in the head. You were excited. This person wanted to work with you and they were ok with the money you asked for. But after reading your contract, they said “NO”. You’re wondering why the client...

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Are you ready to start?



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