Simona Frumen empowers individuals and organisations
to talk constructively about what matters most to them.

Simona is a former lawyer who has now transitioned to a career as a full-time mediator, facilitator, coach, consultant, and trainer.

Her mission is to support people in having fruitful conversations about the things that matter most to them. By doing so in a constructive manner, Simona believes that individuals can experience relief, pride, and ultimately, a better tomorrow.


Accelerate your growth and develop your leadership abilities with 1:1 support

Foster productivity with
effective teamwork and
improved collaboration

Resolve disputes constructively and expand your conflict management skills

"... Simona provided three of the best mediation trainings I have ever experienced. She came well prepared, had done her homework with the audience, connected well, used many interactive methodologies to draw out their knowledge and experience, and made a lasting impression on us all..."
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Pete Swanson
Chief Practitioner, Office of Conflict Management and Prevention at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, USA

 "...Simona has a unique blend of qualities and skills: she is hyper analytical and has a very structured approach, yet she has an amazing capacity of emphatic listening and brings her intuition as well as her huge toolbox of communication methods as facilitator, mediator (and lawyer) into her coaching approach..."
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Patricia Mauerhofer
Writer & Performance Coach, Switzerland

 "...a while ago I met Simona who helped me connect my heart, my soul and my mind together so I could reconnect with myself. Although I have read many books and learned a lot so far, I could not experience complete inner peace by myself until she joined the dots together and brought it to my awareness..." 
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Damjana Krameršek, Business Owner, Slovenia

 " Simona is simply superb! She is instantly likeable, quickly gaining trust and confidence. The course and each lesson have been well thought through and Simona explained everything in simple terms, demonstrating each aspect in a systematic way and wasn’t in the least bit phased when interrupted by any questions...” 
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Denise Williams
Virtual PA Services, France

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