Hi, I'm Simona Frumen

Is your workplace communicating like it should?

Are you not talking when you could be?

Master the art of conversation with me

Conversations Don't Have To Be Difficult

Words have power.

Master the Art of Conversation

Words, the right words, can have a tremendous impact on your business. The right words get your heard, they define your business boundaries and determine whether you thrive or not. Conversations that are tactful but without compromising who you are as a person.

You don’t know how good your words are until you hit a sticky situation with a client, a business partner or even your loved ones.

I’m Simona Frumen and I’ll help you have conversations that work for everyone.

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Coaching Conversations

Simona Frumen will help you to quickly get a stalled conversation started again with minimal effort.  Authenticity and respect are key components of coaching conversations and you’ll love how you will have balance and flow. In fact, you’ll love how easy business becomes for you when you know how to control the conversation so that everyone wins.

Simona guided me in a step-by-step process how to address a conflict situation. The situation had presented itself for some time, and it felt as if it wasn’t getting better. While I use conflict analysis and informed models in my work I was still left without the specific competency to deal with this particular conflict situation. A big part of the process was the confidence she gave me with her model to stay in the conflict grounded, at ease and able to feel engaged positively. She also guided me to see more layers and how to use new lenses I was unable to initially. What transpired was a release of the perceptions, interpretations and negative energy that was holding this situation in place. We were able to move forward collaborating as not just a team, but a great team, to do the things we need to and achieve the larger goals that are ultimately shared. I am grateful to Simona for her wise guidance and coaching

Wanda Krause

Who are you?

Virtual Assistants

You work remotely supporting business owners and entrepreneurs. Because of the distance sometimes conversation gets stuck…

Directors & Senior Management

Business and professional relationships can be tough at times.  Mediation can help you resolve issues within your management team. Ask me how

Doctors & Consultants

Doctors & Consultants have difficult conversations every day, Let me help you make your day easier and your conversations easier

Family Owned Businesses

Business and professional relationships can be tough at times. Especially when they’re family members and friends. Talk to me about managing your relationships better

Simona Frumen

Finding Flow

Coaching conversations can be tough at times. Simona will show you how to “flow”.

Enjoy Respect

Know what respect looks and feels like in your conversations so that everyone is happy

Be heard

Open up the space to be heard, understood and appreciated.


What starts out as a good conversation can go stale if there’s no balance. Discover how to include balance

Be more authentic

Find your true voice and fully express your interests..

Collaborate better

Overcome roadblocks and enjoy collaboration.


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