Professional Coach, Mediator and Facilitator

Simona is a highly qualified professional with a diverse range of skills and expertise who supports people and organizations navigate challenging situations.

Although she holds a degree in law from Ljubljana Law Faculty and a Legal Bar Examination, Simona no longer practices law.  
Instead she is now fully focused on coaching, mediation, facilitation and trainings.

In addition to her legal background, Simona has also studied Transactional Analysis, a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy. This knowledge and skill set allow her to provide clients with a holistic approach to problem-solving.

As a coach with over 10 years of practice, Simona has honed her skills in life coaching, leadership coaching, and conflict coaching. She is passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals, improve their leadership skills and navigate conflicts effectively.

Simona is also a highly experienced mediator, having resolved over 500 disputes across a broad range of topics, including business disputes, property and construction disputes, family disputes, family business disputes, inheritance disputes, contract disputes, neighbour disputes, and many other areas.

Furthermore, she has extensive experience in training mediators, both new and seasoned, as well as trainers of mediators. Simona also leads intervision processes for mediators to support their continued professional development.

As a facilitator with expertise in participatory group processes, Simona has a track record of success in facilitating events where stakeholders have conflicting interests. She is skilled in guiding groups towards constructive communication and collaboration while mitigating potential conflicts.

Simona is also a seasoned trainer who has delivered workshops on constructive communication in challenging situations, improving collaboration and preventing conflicts. Her training sessions are highly regarded for their practicality, effectiveness and fun.

Overall, Simona's vast experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in helping clients navigate complex legal issues, conflicts, and challenges.     

Her mission is to empower individuals with the skills and self-assurance necessary to overcome obstacles and resolve disputes through collaborative problem-solving.

Her goal is to foster a spirit of cooperation and inclusivity, ultimately leading to optimal outcomes for everyone, regardless of their personal beliefs, values, or circumstances. She believes that by working together, individuals from diverse backgrounds can engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, creating better solutions for all.


Simona's unique approach to her work is approachable, authentic and professional, embodying her core values and expertise. With her practical and structured approach, coupled with her innate empathy and ability to employ vivid metaphors, she is able to deliver effective solutions that provide a big picture perspective while also attending to the finer details. Simona has the rare ability to see both the forest and the trees, making her an ideal partner for anyone looking for a nuanced and comprehensive approach to their needs. Her commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in every aspect of her work, making her a trusted and reliable partner for anyone seeking to achieve their goals.

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Simona values work-life balance. She resides in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with her loving husband and two children. Outside of her professional career, Simona has several interests and hobbies that she enjoys. She has a great passion for jazz music and frequently attends concerts or listens to recordings in her spare time. Additionally, she loves to explore new places and cultures by traveling to different countries and experiencing the local customs and traditions. When she's at home, Simona enjoys jogging in the nearby woods as a way to keep herself active and refreshed.

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