Simona is my go-to expert when it feels impossible to make a decision. Before our last session I was at a cross road feeling like not seeing the forests for the trees of options and possibilities and not knowing how to move forward. Simona helped me get unstuck and feel in control again very fast. Suddenly, it was easy to choose a business model and core service and see the professional path ahead. As a cherry on the cake, I also felt completely certain about my choice and full of joy to tackle the challenges that were suddenly clearly discernable. Simona has a unique blend of qualities and skills: she is hyper analytical and has a very structured approach, yet she has an amazing capacity of emphatic listening and brings her intuition as well as her huge toolbox of communication methods as facilitator, mediator (and lawyer) into her coaching approach. With a calm, no nonsense, kind and focused attitude, she invites you to spread out the issues and guides you with grace to access your resources and find your optimal solution. I would recommend Simona’s services to anyone who is a deep thinker and sensitive professional on a mission needing support to disentangle complex issues, make choices that seem impossible and gain momentum to reach their goals.

Patricia Mauerhofer,
Writer & Performance Coach

Simona has been extremely helpful as a life coach in the past one year or so. Although I was anticipating working with someone with a different profile, I was convinced straightaway when she perfectly understood my situation and immediately was able to start helping me with seeing my situation from different perspectives. I have found that working with Simona usually generates new possibilities and potential, and she is a highly motivated and warm person, and additionally a joy to work with. I would highly recommend that you consider speaking to her as a potential life coach. 

Jan Pstrokonski,
Business Owner

For several years now, I’ve been working on myself, I’ve tried meditations, spiritual rituals, EFT technique, read a lot of books on the subject of spiritual growth, karmic diagnostics, Jyotish, psychotherapists, workshops on personal growth, and so on. I have to admit that everything worked and that with every session or book I got something. But somehow the effects were only short term. I spent most of my life with some kind of stomach cramp, excessive worry and guilt trip for no reason. This was part of my life for too long. Those who know me know that I know how to take care of myself and that I have the most wonderful daughter for whom I am grateful every day of my life. So based on this, people often tell me that I am not lacking anything and that I should be happy for everything I have. It is true, I am fortunate and grateful for everything, but most of all for my daughter’s health and for people who surround me and often make my life better. Well, in spite of everything, I was struggling with my fears and unpleasant pain in my soul. The pain in my soul just wouldn’t go away and kept on creeping back. I am writing this because a while ago I met Simona who helped me connect my heart, my soul and my mind together so I could reconnect with myself. Although I have read many books and learned a lot so far, I could not experience complete inner peace by myself until she joined the dots together and brought it to my awareness. On one hand I was terrified of excessive spirituality and on the other hand, I did not want to live only in my mind. I felt that when I’ll connect my mind with my heart and soul in this real life we live in, I’ll have it all. Life literally brought Simona into my life. She added a cherry on the top of the cake. I can say that she is an angel in the human body. Within a few hours of individual coaching, we managed to warm my heart and bring clarity to my mind. From the first time I’ve met her, I felt a huge change in me. I experienced the relief I’ve been longing for throughout my whole life. The time we have available in this life is limited for all of us. I wish we could all live the highest quality of life and with a warm feeling within ourselves. I believe there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than that. Thank you, Simona and I believe you will help many more people like me who also want to connect their mind with their heart and soul. <3

Damjana Krameršek, 
Business Owner

When I look back and think about it, I can say Simona came into my life with a special purpose. It was the time when I needed her the most. Our first intention was of course mediation and some coaching on how to lead the conversation with the person, I used to be very close to and trusted him with my whole heart. But life sometimes throws you in another direction and everything you had is suddenly gone. And it all gets even more difficult because he is very powerful and made me feel manipulated. With Simona’s help, everything got easier and doable in practice. Simona is not only an excellent expert in her subject, but she is also very warm, empathic and trustworthy person. She is a remarkable woman who understands you and feels you. She is a person that really wants to help you, not just someone who wants to earn money from your distress. Nowadays this is more than someone in personal distress can wish for. With Simona you get a new start, you put wind in your sails. Thank you, Simona.
Mojca P.

Simona has helped me a lot with her session to find a place within myself from which I can deal much more effectively with an important issue and a relationship in my life. Her coaching approach is powerful and deep and I would call it “coaching from the inside out”. The session put me in a position of clarity and strength and a commitment to my higher values, like love, care, and patience. She also helped my to strengthen my inner coach and improve the quality of my inner dialogue.

Vani Seva,

I've met Simona Frumen for the first time at her negotiation training at the Novo mesto Development Centre. Due to the content and Simona's interpretation of it, I soon realized that this psychological help offered by Simona Frumen is what I need on my entrepreneurial journey. I got in touch with her after a few months, and we agreed to work together. During the sessions she shows a lot of empathy, and at the same time she very quickly understands client's situation. What really impacted me were her advices on how to face the problems that came my way and how to act so that I can control my life. When I internalized this knowledge, I was able to be more confident, and I also found it easier to make certain decisions, both private and business. For comparison, I would say that without Simona’s help, I would have run 5 miles, but with her help, a did a marathon! I want to conclude this recommendation by saying that working with Simona Frumen was one of the best decisions in my life.

Igor Kašič,
Assistant Project Manager

Simona’s professional approach, courage, positivity and the trustworthy meetings, are the values which give great importance to the relationship between the coach and the client. During our seasons, with the help of her questions I came to realize what the real essence of the problem is. With her techniques she led me on my way to find the real solution. In the end I came to the realization, that everything we need is within us, we just need to find it, or look at it from a different angle. If you want a professional and trustworthy coach, Simona is the person you’ve been looking for.

Zorica Fele,

Coaching sessions with Simona are just as she is as a person: relaxed and likeable but well structured and professional at the same time. I decided I needed coaching because I was at important crossroads and I had to make an important decision on which of two ways to take. Simona helped me in a way that really suits me- without suggestions and directions, she opened the floor for my own key questions and search for the right answers inside of me. She was encouraging and motivating me throughout our coaching and all the time “pushing” me forward. And I had so many important insights and aha moments! I highly recommend coaching with Simona –you will feel she is doing this with passion and joy. Most importantly, she’ll help you to solve your problems and dilemmas.

Masa Kociper, Mediator


Prior to working with Simona, I avoided difficult conversations because I hated conflict. This led to situations where I was taken for granted, under-appreciated and I felt like a doormat as I repeatedly turned the other cheek to bad behaviour because I didn’t know how to deal with their behaviour without causing an argument. Since working with Simona and realising how to handle difficult conversations with ease, my life and outlook has completely changed. Simona’s step by step process allowed me to step into a world where I could be confident and lead conversations in a way that feels great for everyone. The result has been my business and my personal life is going from strength to strength. The reactions from people I work with, my family and friends has been amazing. Just the other day one of my team said to me ‘you’ve changed, you are so confident yet approachable and everyone loves the new you’. If you were like me and avoided conflict whilst being filled with unspoken resentment, do yourself a favour and reach out to Simona Frumen, her programs are so worthwhile. Your ‘new you’ will thank you!

Marie Rodgers,
Business Owner, Sales on Fire

The nature of work in the agency requires a great deal of communication both with employees and clients. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where all of the experience and knowledge do not help you share your opinion in the correct way to the other person. In such situations, Simona's assistance has widened my understanding of how to best communicate it. She helped me effectively overcome all the challenges along the way. Simona has an exceptional ability to understand every situation and knows, according to the assessment, the right solutions that actually work in practice. Key Takeaways in collaboration with Simona are surely the tools you acquire and can be used immediately in practice. The results are extraordinary and I recommend working with Simona to anyone who often thinks “I could've communicated my message better at that meeting ..." or "why did I not think of this during the conversation …". If you want your message to have the desired outcome without risking the relationship with the listener, I suggest you prepare for your conversations with Simona.

Peter Šelekar,
CEO Dinetix, agency

Simona guided me in a step-by-step process how to address a conflict situation. The situation had presented itself for some time, and it felt as if it wasn’t getting better. While I use conflict analysis and informed models in my work I was still left without the specific competency to deal with this particular conflict situation. A big part of the process was the confidence she gave me with her model to stay in the conflict grounded, at ease and able to feel engaged positively. She also guided me to see more layers and how to use new lenses I was unable to initially. What transpired was a release of the perceptions, interpretations and negative energy that was holding this situation in place. We were able to move forward collaborating as not just a team, but a great team, to do the things we need to and achieve the larger goals that are ultimately shared. I am grateful to Simona for her wise guidance and coaching.
Wanda K.

I was so tired of constantly thinking about my relationships worries that everything else was on hold. I spent so much time and energy trying to work on it! The thing was that we really love each other but we were not understanding each other and seemed to just press each others buttons. Working with Simona has really helped me change my perspective. I am now not getting triggered so easily and I see the other side which is creating fabulous communication, which is KEY. Now I feel I can really think about what is that I would love, communicate that lovingly and also hear their side. Now I have a deeper more trusting relationship which is going somewhere AND I am now focusing 100% on my business – at last. Thank you Simona, you really opened my eyes. xxx

Kelly Morgan,

I met Simona when I was as a journalist writing an article about communication in a partnership. Already at the first meeting when I interviewed her, I knew that Simona is not helping others to solve her problems. Due to her positive attitude, knowledge, experience, honesty and professionalism, I decided to call her a few months later because of the crisis we had with my husband. Different views on raising children, difficult working hours, coordinating the activities of children and their school obligations, increasing household chores and lack of time for us have opened gaps between us that we could not overcome alone. So we began to shut down in our worlds and searching for mistakes at each other. In the end, we got on each other’s nerves, and our children were becoming more and more irritated and rebellious. Through coaching, we slowly, step by step, began to realise that our goal is the same, only methods we used to get there differed slightly. With Simona, we found new possibilities to better organise and connect with our family. With her ideas, techniques, methods and intuition, she was tackling every situation and distress that we as a couple and a family faced. The kids became increasingly independent. The changes that we introduced into the family dynamics required a lot of effort and persistence, but eventually, they were fruitful. We continue to grow and change every day, our work is not over, but we can better listen to each other, find common solutions and bring them into our lives in an encouraging and friendly way. I am grateful for Simona’s perseverance, courage and strength to believe in us, even when we did not. She knew at the right moment to choose the right words and say them in a real, non-judgemental way. Above all, I like her versatile and loving attitude towards life and everything that it offers us.

Maruša Novosel,


Thank you Simona for all your support. I don't know how we could make it without you. Your contribution to family mediation in Centers for Social work in Slovenia was essential. Thank you again.
mag. Darja Kuzmanič Korva, general secretary


Thank you for professional mediation, for your effort and showing multiple perspectives on our issue. I warmly recommend mediation to everyone who is separating and leaving partners. Because sometimes things are not as they seem to us. When we are in the moment of leaving, sometimes we really don't see. A neutral mediator can see things from the outside and can show them to you and opens up new possibilities from other angles. Thank you again.

Darinka Pavlenč, mediation client


Participants of her workshop regularly say about Simona's approach:
very authentic, professional, expert, clear, direct, practical, approachable, relaxed, with positive energy.
Explaining in ways to really convey solutions, delivers very structured feedback, practical cases, wide experience, to the point, structured, connecting different topics, demonstrating on practical cases

"For over three decades I have worked around the world training thousands of mediators. I met Simona in 2008 and recognized her talent immediately. I finally had a chance to have her lead a series mediation trainings this year. It was the best decision I could have made. Simona provided three of the best mediation trainings I have ever experienced. She came well prepared, had done her homework with the audience, connected well, used many interactive methodologies to draw out their knowledge and experience, and made a lasting impression on us all. And, she did this using only one PowerPoint slide the entire time. I cannot recommend her talent and professionalism highly enough."

Pete Swanson,
Chief Practitioner, Office of Conflict Management and Prevention at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, USA

“Simona is simply superb! She is instantly likeable, quickly gaining trust and confidence. The course and each lesson have been well thought through and Simona explained everything in simple terms, demonstrating each aspect in a systematic way and wasn’t in the least bit phased when interrupted by any questions. The content is vast but Simona has gone to great lengths to make it as manageable as possible with constant improvements. I would absolutely recommend Simona, she is truly an expert and has gone above and beyond in every respect to help us in our learning experience. To anyone who is considering one of her courses, you can do no better.”

Denise Williams,
Virtual PA Services, France

As a trainer, Simona helped me get additional and very practical knowledge at her workshop for leaders. Her workshop was easy to understand and pleasant to participate in. What I’ve learned will greatly help me lead and guide my managers and their teams. Until now I never even tried to engage managers to search for a solution with me. Simona showed us in a very interesting and interactive way how we can engage others to participate and co-create the solutions with us. At her workshop, she particularly helped me with a dilemma of solving problems by asking questions, in which you encourage the other person to actively seek solutions and participate in the communication. Of course, you have to be very mindful not to give your answer yourself. Another topic I found really useful is how to effectively delegate work. I would personally recommend this training to anyone who is faced with the challenges of managing people on a daily basis.
Tadej Gombač, Participant of a Leadership Workshop, MOL Slovenia, Area Sales Manager

I met Simona when she performed an internal workshop for The Slovenian Association of Facilitators, where she proved to be an experienced professional in the field of tough business conversation and communication. How many times do you happen to feel instant trust in people you meet? It happened to me at that workshop. I immediately invited Simona to prepare a workshop for controllers and managers at forthcoming yearly "Controlling Conference" in Slovenia. The workshop was very dynamic, Simona performed excellent, participants were included spontaneously and they were extremely satisfied. I met Simona in other different occasions since that time, it was always a pleasure to work with her. She is an excellent speaker and coach with strong practical background and theoretical knowledge. Simona is very much involved to spread a culture of cooperation and constructive conversation, this you can notice. While working with her, I had an opportunity to learn from the best person in this area.

Dragica Erčulj,
Head of Controlling School and Consultant

First of all, I want to tell you that I resisted and had a difficult time attending your lecture (I was busy at work, it’s a long way to get from Maribor to Ljubljana, complicated logistics with a small child – I’m a single mom,.. in short – I had 100 excuses). When I drove back home from Ljubljana to Maribor … I was bursting with positive energy and enthusiasm (like you did at marathon when people were cheering for you ), with a strong positive aspiration to implement changes. Your positive energy, your way of explaining things, your talent to attract our attention made a huge impact on me. You grabbed our attention by sharing your own experiences, showing us parallels with upbringing of our children, as most of us are mums and we could relate to your examples as we share the same challenges. I want to tell you that this is one of the best trainings I have been attending over the past 15 years. You are a warm person who knows how to connect with others. Maybe it coincides with the fact that in my private life I am in the process of great changes. Your techniques will guide me in my professional and personal life. What you said is also a confirmation for me that I’m on the right track. It gave me power!!! All that you have presented to us will certainly help us with our practical work and also in our lives. The day after our training my colleague and I came to work full of enthusiasm, praising your training, and I hope we will see you in the near future. Simona, remain who you are and continue in this direction and thank you for everything! 

Mirsada Mustafić, Participant of a Workshop on Motivation, Centre for Social Work

Simona Frumen was one of the trainers of mediators in our training for family mediators, organised by The Association of Centres for Social Work. Simona Frumen made a huge impression on me with her kindness, stance on humanity, care for relationships and her positive and calming energy she was vibrating. As a trainer, she gave attention to each member of the group and really wanted to hear us. I warmly recommend you participate in her training.
Nataša Meolic, Director of the Center for Social Work in Murska Sobota

I would like to express a few words and impressions regarding the course of the intervision mediation and, in general, the entire training program for mediators in the works in which you participated. I was strongly attracted by your way of speaking, the way how you explain topic and also how you ask questions. You created a sense of a pleasant, confidential atmosphere and ignited interest for mediation. In addition to being pleasant, all meetings were both organizationaly and content-wise designed at a high professional level and at the same time practical, with many practice examples and experiences through which we learn.   If there will be opportunities for further cooperation in the future, I sincerely look forward to them.

Jana Smole, social worker at Center for Social Work

I enrolled in Simona's pilot training programme for VAs who want to become technical co-hosts for online events in Zoom which was held over the space of 2 weeks this summer. Simona's coaching style is calm, measured, inclusive, highly interactive and very flexible to ensure her clients are getting the most out of each session. She spends a lot of time ensuring that systems are up and running ahead of each session so that the course runs smoothly and her material is readily to hand and she ensures that all outputs are quickly uploaded for the cohort to access and review/work from, plus an area for the cohort to add their own notes for smooth collaboration. Simona is swift to action requests for changes to content or feedback on how things are working, and has been instrumental in our post-course work to get our offering out to market - she is incredibly generous with her time in that respect and we really value her input. Thanks to Simona's course, I am confident in and excited by my new revenue stream which looks set to be highly profitable and absolutely relevant for today's fast moving, virtual world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to add technical co-host to their armoury of support offerings.
Lucy Messaritis, Virtual Executive Assistant

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