We all face disagreements, but how we handle them can make a significant difference in the outcome.

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Both parties to a legal argument resolve their conflict with support of a neutral professional mediator.


Confidently navigate your conflicting situation with 1:1 support, using new efficient and constructive strategies.


Join our trainings to build skills and competence  to efficiently manage challenging situations.


Join our basic or advanced trainings and build your capacity to become a mediator or a trainer. 


Establish your own mediation practice or your own conflict resolution center with our expert consulting.


Elevate your mediation skills to a new level and resolve professional dilemmas with individual mentoring.

Don't let disagreements get in the way of your success.
With our mediation and training services, you can handle conflicts effectively, improve relationships, and achieve your goals, whether it's in the workplace or personal relationships.



Resolve Conflict in Cost-Effective and Collaborative Way

When disagreements arise, mediation can be a cost-effective and collaborative alternative to litigation.

At our professional mediation services, we offer neutral mediation led by experienced mediators, helping parties to regain control over their disputes and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.  

Our approach focuses on re-aligning the interests of the parties involved, promoting respectful dialogue, and facilitating a pragmatic outcome that is faster and better than litigated outcomes. Our neutral mediators work closely with all parties to co-create solutions that meet their needs and concerns.  With our mediation services, you can avoid the stress, expense, and time-consuming process of litigation. We provide a confidential and safe environment where parties can discuss their issues openly and work towards a collaborative resolution.  

Don't let disputes escalate into costly and time-consuming legal battles.
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Effective Communication in Conflict Situations: Turning Adversaries into Allies

When you're facing a conflict, it can be tough to know how to handle the situation. Whether it's a dispute with a colleague or a disagreement outside of your organisation, seeking out a neutral expert can help you identify unhelpful conflict patterns and develop strategies for resolving conflicts constructively.
Share your specific situation of conflict with Simona, and she will work with you to consider multiple options for handling your situation and design a problem-solving approach tailored to your needs. Simona will guide you in identifying the root causes and creating personalised strategies to enhance communication, regulate emotions, and constructively discuss the conflict with another person.

Simona's conflict coaching can empower you to manage conflict in a constructive manner, lower stress levels, build stronger relationships and improve your overall quality of life.  

Begin your conflict coaching journey with Simona today and take the initial step towards transforming your relationships.

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Build Your Capacity to Help Others Resolve Conflicts 

Enroll in our mediator training services:
> Basic Mediator Training: Learn the Essential Skills for Conflict Resolution

> Advanced Mediator Training: Elevate Your Conflict Resolution Expertise Today

> Train the Trainer: Become a Mediation Trainer with Our Experienced Mediator Training

> Intervision for Mediators: Collaborative Support for Professional Growth and Development

> Mentoring for Mediators: Mediation Mastery

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Build Skills to Efficiently Manage Challenging Situations with Our Trainings

Looking for conflict prevention and resolution trainings for facilitators, leaders, and individuals?

Our workshops and individual trainings offer a comprehensive approach to recognising early signs of disputes, implementing anti-escalation measures, and gaining skills and techniques for conflict resolution.

Join us in person or over Zoom and gain access to our online learning platform, which includes a library of materials and a community of like-minded individuals who want to practice the newly gained skills from the same course.

Workshops are for groups within organisations and also for individual facilitators, leaders. Our conflict prevention and resolution trainings can help you develop the skills you need to handle conflicts effectively.


Expert Consulting Services to Customize Your Conflict Resolution Center

Looking to establish a mediation center that meets the specific requirements of your organization or company?
Our custom solutions can help.  

From concept development to legal paperwork, mediator training, and ongoing supervision of the process, our expert consultants will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your mediation center is set up for success.  

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About Simona's approach and experiences

Simona Frumen is an internationally renowned mediator, trainer of mediators, and conflict coach who has been mediating since 2002.

With over 600 mediations under her belt, she specialises in mediating pre-court disputes and court disputes, including those at the Local Courts, District Court, and Court of Appeal in Ljubljana.

Simona is a sought-after speaker at international and regional conferences for mediators and was invited to become a member of The Council for Alternative Dispute Resolution, a central, independent expert body of the Slovenian Ministry of Justice and Public Administration in March 2009.

She is a founding member of Slovenian Association of Mediators, was an elected member of the Ethical Commission (for several mandates), and regularly trains new mediators with other trainers at Slovenian Association of Mediators.  

As a conflict coach, Simona has supported over a hundred satisfied clients in creating customised conflict resolution plans, building competences and confidence to successfully navigating through their conflicts.

She conducts workshops aimed at teaching people how to prevent conflicts and is available for in-person and online mediations, coaching, and facilitation.  

Simona's vast experience and expertise make her a go-to choice for complex and emotionally charged situations.

She has facilitated groups with conflicting interests since 2017 and is an experienced intervision leader for mediators.

Simona has contributed to several publications, including the White Paper on Mediation (in 2008), professional magazine ISIS (for doctors and dentists), and the book Mastering Mediation (by author David Richbell) on mediation in Slovenia.  

Simona is a listed mediator in several mediation centers, making it easy for clients to find her when they need her services.

Above all, Simona believes that conflict can be an opportunity for growth and positive change.

"... Your positive energy, your way of explaining things, your talent to attract our attention made a huge impact on me. You grabbed our attention by sharing your own experiences, showing us parallels with upbringing of our children, as most of us are mums and we could relate to your examples as we share the same challenges. I want to tell you that this is one of the best trainings I have been attending over the past 15 years. …"
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Mirsada Mustafić, Participant of a Workshop on Motivation, Centre for Social Work

 "Simona Frumen was one of the trainers of mediators in our training for family mediators, organised by The Association of Centres for Social Work. Simona Frumen made a huge impression on me with her kindness, stance on humanity, care for relationships and her positive and calming energy she was vibrating. As a trainer, she gave attention to each member of the group and really wanted to hear us. I warmly recommend you participate in her training."

Nataša Meolic, Director of the Center for Social Work in Murska Sobota

"... Simona provided three of the best mediation trainings I have ever experienced. She came well prepared, had done her homework with the audience, connected well, used many interactive methodologies to draw out their knowledge and experience, and made a lasting impression on us all. And, she did this using only one PowerPoint slide the entire time. I cannot recommend her talent and professionalism highly enough."
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Pete Swanson
Chief Practitioner, Office of Conflict Management and Prevention at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, USA

What positive steps can you take today to improve your conflict management skills and create better outcomes?