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Taking the right kind of action is easier with a professional coach and mentor supporting you 1 on 1.
Gain new perspectives and overcome challenges that are holding you back both in your personal and professional life. 


Unlock your hidden potential so you can start living your version of a fulfilled life.


Maximise your leadership impact and achive your objectives.


Become competent to have your difficult conversations with ease and confidence. 


Elevate your mediation skills to a new level with individual support and mentoring.

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Live your fulfilled life

Are you currently standing at a crossroads and feeling uncertain about which direction to take?
Do you find yourself struggling with inner conflicts, overthinking, and uncertainty about your next move?
Do you need someone to bounce your ideas off of?  

Simona can provide you with the support you need to define your vision of success and create a plan to make it a reality. Whether you're seeking greater happiness, purpose, or balance in your life, Simona will work with you to identify and overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

Through life coaching, you will unlock your hidden potential and leverage resources so you can start living the fulfilled life you've always dreamed of.

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Maximize Your Leadership Impact 

Are you looking to boost your leadership abilities, enhance your performance, and achieve your objectives?

Simona offers comprehensive coaching services to individuals at every level of an organisation, including executives, senior leaders, emerging leaders, and new managers.

Through her expert guidance, you can improve your communication skills, cultivate stronger relationships with your team, and lead with greater effectiveness.

Let Simona help you take your leadership skills to the next level.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations: Transforming Conflict into Constructive Dialogue 

Looking for support to manage conflicts effectively and improve your relationships? Simona's conflict coaching can help.

Bring your specific conflicting situation and let Simona assist you in identifying underlying causes and developing personalised plans that improve communication, manage emotions, and achieve mutually beneficial agreements.  

With Simona's coaching, you'll be empowered to navigate conflict constructively, reduce stress, and enhance your quality of life.

Start your conflict coaching journey with Simona today and take the first step towards transforming your relationships.

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Mediation Mastery: Elevating Your Skills with Simona's Mentorship

Looking to improve your mediation skills and advance your career as a mediator, whether new or experienced?

Simona specialises in guiding and supporting mediators to become more effective and impactful as neutral mediators.  

As your mentor, Simona shares her extensive knowledge, experience, and insights with you. She provides valuable feedback on your mediation sessions, offers expert advice on how to handle challenging situations, and shares best practices for effective communication and conflict resolution.

With Simona's guidance and support, you'll improve your mediation skills, build your confidence, and enhance your professional development as a mediator.

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About Simona's approach and experiences

For over 10 years, Simona has provided exceptional coaching and mentoring using a combination of empathy, strategic thinking, pragmatic insights, humility, and optimism.

Simona has a unique ability to see both the forest and the trees, providing new perspectives that empower her clients to achieve extraordinary results by uncovering their inner strength, gaining clarity, and becoming competent and confident in pursuing their dreams, whether in their professional or private lives.  

Whether you prefer in-person or online support, Simona offers personalised coaching and mentoring tailored to your unique needs.

Contact her today to discover how her comprehensive approach, combined with her unique perspective, can help you reach your goals and become the best version of yourself.

" ... Simona has an exceptional ability to understand every situation and knows, according to the assessment, the right solutions that actually work in practice. Key Takeaways in collaboration with Simona are surely the tools you acquire and can be used immediately in practice. The results are extraordinary and I recommend working with Simona to anyone who often thinks “I could've communicated my message better at that meeting ..." or "why did I not think of this during the conversation …". If you want your message to have the desired outcome without risking the relationship with the listener, I suggest you prepare for your conversations with Simona."
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Peter Šelekar
CEO, Dinetix, Agency

 "... Since working with Simona and realising how to handle difficult conversations with ease, my life and outlook has completely changed. Simona’s step by step process allowed me to step into a world where I could be confident and lead conversations in a way that feels great for everyone. The result has been my business and my personal life is going from strength to strength. The reactions from people I work with, my family and friends has been amazing. Just the other day one of my team said to me ‘you’ve changed, you are so confident yet approachable and everyone loves the new you’...."
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Marie Rodgers
Business Owner, Sales on Fire

"... During the sessions Simona shows a lot of empathy, and at the same time she very quickly understands client's situation. What really impacted me were her advices on how to face the problems that came my way and how to act so that I can control my life. When I internalized this knowledge, I was able to be more confident, and I also found it easier to make certain decisions, both private and business. For comparison, I would say that without Simona’s help, I would have run 5 miles, but with her help, a did a marathon! I want to conclude this recommendation by saying that working with Simona Frumen was one of the best decisions in my life."
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Igor Kašič,
Assistant Project Manager

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