How to Get Your Contract Signed Despite Hearing a NO

You’ve just hung up the phone and you feel the stone just whacked you in the head. You were excited. This person wanted to work with you and they were ok with the money you asked for. But after reading your contract, they said “NO”. You’re wondering why the client...

7 Simple Ways to Stay Calm in Every Business Conversation

Touchy conversations can leave us speechless or fire us to attack like a wounded animal. Entrepreneurs, clients, team members or business partners afterwards usually regret they’ve lost their control over their business conversations. When it comes to navigating...

How Being Very Successful Can be Your Loss

Five weeks ago an owner and CEO of a medium-sized company was desperate. A few of his managers (especially two of them) were getting on his nerves. He couldn’t rely on them, they were defensive, not showing up as motivated team leaders and the list went on. Whatever...


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