Successful Outcomes

I’ve put her advice into action immediately!

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

Coach, BrandSashka

Simona’s approach is powerful and deep
Simona has helped me a lot with her session to find a place within myself from which I can deal much more effectively with an important issue and a relationship in my life. Her coaching approach is powerful and deep and I would call it “coaching from the inside out”. The session put me in a position of clarity and strength and a commitment to my higher values, like love, care, and patience. She also helped my to strengthen my inner coach and improve the quality of my inner dialogue.

Vani Seva


I recently had Simona’s help with what could have been a very difficult conversation. When I knew I had to have my conversation, I couldn’t put it off any longer! Simona showed me a way that made sure both parties left the conversation amicably and in total agreement 🙂 Her insight and expertise turned this into a confident conversation which I held with ease. Cannot believe how great I felt afterwards.

Marie Rodgers

CEO, Total Sales Solution

I now go where I was not able to go alone

I was going through quite big transformation in my life since last year and I came across addressing some difficult topics and situations also in my relationship. I knew it was very important to me and especially the best possible results, so I searched for help. I had a recommendation from my good friend to connect with Simona. And I reached out right away. Simona was willing in no time to set up safe environment for great conversations. Her heart-opened guidance, empathy and acceptance made me feel at safe place where I can open up and connect with my deep inner-self to go where I was not able to go alone. She led me to find links to my past where I am stuck and limited with my perception of the situation. She guided me to understand my emotions and how to be honest to myself and accept my past with no quilt or blame and step into the presence to choose my own future and trust myself that difficult topics will be turned to WIN-WIN solutions. I overcame the fear that was making me feel overwhelmed and with setting the intensions and simple steps, I went to action. Just after couple sessions, I felt much better and confident to handle what needs to be addressed. As I say, it is a journey, this was a great start for first steps. I know with Simona, her passion in helping, her experience, being an example and her expertise in this topic – it was a great choice. Thank you Simona for being you and serving from your heart ❤️

Nela Sullins

Coach, Dream Body

I got clear on my relationship and business goals

Simona’s calm energy helped me get clear on both my relationship and business goals. After our session, I felt more compassionate about my situation and was more patient and understanding on how to approach my partner. I’m so grateful to have spoken with her and feel a subtle, yet strong impact after speaking with her.

Cinthia Pacheco

Entreprenuer, Company Founder

I am now engaged!

We were hitting some roadblocks in our relationship. I wanted to get married, but he wasn’t ready. I was starting to feel frustrated and was thinking will this ever happen for me?!I loved how open and honest you were – sharing your learnings from your relationship as examples. You helped me to get clear on what I wanted and offered a different perspective. You said what needed to be said, and gently guided me through how I was feeling.I now approach discussions thinking we’re a team and how can we support each other through this. I always go back to love and I’m confident that it will all work out just the way it’s meant to be with the best outcome for us both. I am now engaged! I feel at peace, calm and excited for our future together!
Thank you for your help and guidance Simona!

Claire Elliot


In a very short time I realized what lies behind my excuses

Working with Simona is exceptionally pleasant. She is a sunny, very positive and warm-hearted person. She knows how to ask the right question at the right time and with her questions guides you in the right direction. In a very short time with her, I realized what lies behind my excuses and my unfinished projects. Thank you, Simona.

Janez Batic


I had so many important aha moments!

Coaching sessions with Simona are just as she is as a person: relaxed and likeable but well structured and professional at the same time. I decided I needed coaching because I was at important crossroads and I had to make an important decision on which of two ways to take. Simona helped me in a way that really suits me- without suggestions and directions, she opened the floor for my own key questions and search for the right answers inside of me. She was encouraging and motivating me throughout our coaching and all the time “pushing” me forward. And I had so many important insights and aha moments!I highly recommend coaching with Simona –you will feel she is doing this with passion and joy. Most importantly, she’ll help you to solve your relationship problems and dilemmas.

Masa Kociper

Coach & Mediator

Simona is the person you’ve been looking for

Simona’s professional approach, courage, positivity and the trustworthy meetings, are the values which give great importance to the relationship between the coach and the client. During our seasons, with the help of her questions I came to realize what the real essence of the problem is. With her techniques she led me on my way to find the real solution. In the end I came to the realization, that everything we need is within us, we just need to find it, or look at it from a different angle. If you want a professional and trustworthy coach, Simona is the person you’ve been looking for.

Zorica Fele


I now have a deeper more trusting relationship

I was so tired of constantly thinking about my relationships worries that everything else was on hold. I spent so much time and energy trying to work on it! The thing was that we really love each other but we were not understanding each other and seemed to just press each others buttons. Working with Simona has really helped me change my perspective. I am now not getting triggered so easily and I see the other side which is creating fabulous communication, which is KEY. Now I feel I can really think about what is that I would love, communicate that lovingly and also hear their side. Now I have a deeper more trusting relationship which is going somewhere AND I am now focusing 100% on my business – at last. Thank you Simona, you really opened my eyes. xxx

Kelly Morgan


I got clear on my relationship and business goals

Simona’s calm energy helped me get clear on both my relationship and business goals. After our session, I felt more compassionate about my situation and was more patient and understanding on how to approach my partner. I’m so grateful to have spoken with her and feel a subtle, yet strong impact after speaking with her.

Cinthia Pacheco

Entreprenuer, Company Founder

When I look back and think about it, I can say Simona came into my life with a special purpose. It was the time when I needed her the most.

Our first intention was of course mediation and some coaching on how to lead the conversation with the person, I used to be very close to and trusted him with my whole heart. But life sometimes throws you in another direction and everything you had is suddenly gone. And it all gets even more difficult because he is very powerful and made me feel manipulated.

With Simona’s help, everything got easier and doable in practice. Simona is not only an excellent expert in her subject, but she is also very warm, empathic and trustworthy person. She is a remarkable woman who understands you and feels you. She is a person that really wants to help you, not just someone who wants to earn money from your distress. Nowadays this is more than someone in personal distress can wish for. With Simona you get a new start, you put wind in your sails. Thank you, Simona.



Simona Frumen was one of the trainers of mediators in our training for family mediators, organised by The Association of Centres for Social Work. Simona Frumen made a huge impression on me with her kindness, stance on humanity, care for relationships and her positive and calming energy she was vibrating. As a trainer, she gave attention to each member of the group and really wanted to hear us.
I warmly recommend you participate in her training.
Nataša Meolic

Director of the Center for Social Work in Murska Sobota

Simona uses a unique combination of expertises, from legal to psychological, and a large measure of empathy, warmth and focus on the positive. Everything she advises stems from experiential knowledge. She understood my situation so quickly and deeply that it seemed as if she had been with me for the last 20 years.



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