Mediation is a voluntary process in which both parties seek resolution to the conflicting situation with the support of a neutral mediator.

Imagine how your life will be different when you have resolved your conflict. You can expect improved relationship, increased productivity, reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and greater satisfaction.

Simona Frumen is experienced mediator who can help you and the other party to communicate and find mutually agreeable solutions to your disputes, leading to a more positive and productive relationship.



Anyone Can Suggest a Mediation

Before we can begin the mediation process, we must first come to an agreement on the following questions:

Are all parties involved in the dispute willing to participate in mediation voluntarily?
Have you all agreed on a neutral mediator?
Have you discussed how to split the costs of mediation?
Do you have any special requests or questions regarding the process itself?  

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If you disagree with starting mediation, consider utilising conflict coaching instead.

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... and How Can You Actively Contribute to the Mediation Process

By being prepared and informed, you can make the most of your mediation experience. Understanding your role in the process and the expectations of others can help you engage in productive dialogue and reach a mutually acceptable resolution. 

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Mediation is Not Suitable for Everyone

Mediation is most effective when parties are willing to engage in open communication, actively listen to each other's perspectives, and work collaboratively towards finding a mutually acceptable solution.

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How long does it usually take to reach a settlement?
How much does it cost?
What can I do if the other party is not willing or able to participate in mediation?
What if I don't want to continue with mediation?

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Bridging the Divide Between You and the Other Party

If you or the other party are unwilling or unable to participate in a mediation process, conflict coaching can provide valuable support.

A neutral party can help you discuss the conflict, identify unhelpful patterns, consider multiple options for handling the situation, and design a problem-solving approach to constructively resolve the conflict. 

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Simona Frumen is an internationally renowned mediator with over 600 mediations in her experience.

Her approach is structured, optimistic, and persistent, making her a go-to choice for complex and emotionally charged situations.

She specializes in mediating pre-court and court disputes, including those at the Local Courts, District Court, and Court of Appeal in Ljubljana.

Simona is a sought-after speaker at international and regional conferences for mediators, and a member of The Council for Alternative Dispute Resolution at Ministry of Justice.

She is also a conflict coach, workshop facilitator, and experienced intervision leader for mediators. With contributions to several publications, Simona's expertise is highly valued in the field.

Above all, she believes that conflict can be an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Thank you for professional mediation, for your effort and showing multiple perspectives on our issue. I warmly recommend mediation to everyone who is separating and leaving partners. Because sometimes things are not as they seem to us. When we are in the moment of leaving, sometimes we really don't see. A neutral mediator can see things from the outside and can show them to you and opens up new possibilities from other angles. Thank you again. Darinka Pavlenč, mediation client

Darika Pavlenč

mediation client

Despite the most difficult challenge in my life (divorce and family breakup), I believe that I would not have been able to make such agreements without a mediator. I am grateful that I / we were given this opportunity. And the mediators are also really great and very professional. Thank you!

Mediation client

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