It’s a process where a mediator leads a discussion with both parties to help them resolve their dispute, and find a solution that feels fair to both of them, so they can move on and focus on their business (continuing the collaboration or agreeing on ending it). The communication is less formal, respectful and peaceful when compared to court process.

I work with one individual or with all team members (group coaching).



Mediation is for

– entrepreneurs who have disagreements with their business partner about their joint project (in mediation they discuss in details whether and how to continue with the project together or end it),

– people who outsource some of their services and their expectations are not met (quality is too low, work is not finished on time etc)

Рservice providers who need to closely collaborate with their clients (VAs, webpage developers,  etc) but the clients are not providing the agreed content on time, so the project is on hold

– teams who have a conflict with a difficult team member (it can be underperformance, not following the instructions, etc) and it’s ruining the team spirit


When you want to resolve a disagreement swiftly and confidentially, save money and keep the business relationship intact.


We can meet online (meeting on a video call, using Zoom) or in person (picture of the place).


For all groups (VA’s, coaches, entrepreneurs):

– you save precious time as you resolve the disagreement quickly, so you can focus on your work, not staying stuck because something in the past didn’t work for you

– you keep your reputation as mediation is confidential and it will help you keep the professional attitude in resolving the problem itself, not attacking the person. A good name can be easily lost although it’s essential for a successful business.

– you save money as mediation costs way less then legal fees, attorneys, your time away from work to attend the court hearings instead of making more money with your core business etc

– you don’t need to go into the stressful conversation yourself because a skilled and experienced mediatior leads the conversation intead of you, so it’s less emotional and it’s minimising the pain.

– to give it the last try, to make everything in your power to get all the necessary information for the informed and wise decision that will help you move forward in the direction of your true interests.

– because the conversation is respectful, you’re not ‘killing’ the relationship so you have the choice to continue the collaboration in the future (and on mediation together define the terms of the future collaboration) or to end the collaboration in a respectful way.

– to take the chance and make your decission about your future, being in control(not letting the judge do it on your behalf)

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