Did you notice those problems in your business?

  • you are upset because of a disagreement with your team, a business partner or a client
  • you tried talking about it but conversations created even more chaos and hurt
  • as a result of this your project is stuck and you are risking financial loss
  • you need to resolve this issue and move on with your project but can’t do it yourself
  • you are concerned that if you don’t resolve this issue now – if you go to court it will cost you a lot of money, ruin your reputation, take your precious time and you are aware judges can be unpredictable.

Working with others can turn into a nightmare of conflicts, costing you way more than resolving the issues. But how?

You can change that by joining a mediation process.

During our mediation you will:

  • get instructions on how to prepare for the mediation, so you increase the chances for success
  • have an expert mediator guide you through this challenging conversation so you can focus on your interests
  • have confidential conversations so you can freely express your deepest concerns and desires
  • have time and attention to present your point of view so you will finally be heard
  • have the chance to privately analyse different scenarios so you can choose the best solution for you in your given circumstances
  • have the chance to negotiate fairly and find a solution that is good for you and your business
  • you will be supported to step into your power and co-create a unique solution to your unique situation, so you find it reasonable and fair


By the end of our mediation, you will

  • keep the business relationships intact by having a respectful conversation with each other, so you can choose if you want to part ways or to continue working together (in each case defining the terms for the next steps)
  • get unstuck by stepping into your power and reaching an informed and wise decision
  • save precious time as you resolve the disagreement swiftly so you can focus on finishing the project
  • save money as investing into mediation process is way smaller than legal fees, attorneys, your out-of-office time etc.
  • keep the reputation as discussing private issues is confidential

What is mediation?

It’s a structured process where a neutral mediator leads a discussion with both parties to help them resolve their dispute. Parties co-create a solution that feels fair to both of them, so they can get unstuck and again focus on their projects and move on in their business. The communication is less formal, respectful and peaceful when compared to court process.



You can choose

  • We can have mediation with two or more parties.
  • We can meet in person to have mediation sessions or arrange meetings online using video platform (like Zoom or Skype).
  • Mediation process and outcome is exclusively tailored to your unique situation with intention to help you resolve it.
  • You can choose from several packages. Contact me to choose the one that best fits your needs and expectations.

How Do We Do It?

Step 1

Step 1

contact me to get advice on getting the consent to mediate from all parties of the dispute

Step 2

Step 2

we find the time that suits us all and mediate

Step 3

Step 3

we sign a settlement

Step 4

Step 4

you move on and again fully focus on your business


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